All of us are familiar with the word TV. TV or television has so much importance and has become a part of our lives that we are unable to live a day without it. The kids and the adults are glued to it as there is no tomorrow. The kids want their cartoons, ladies their serials and men the sports. But have we ever wondered how it works and how the signals are transmitted? The let us do it now. Let us take some time out and know the working principle of the TV and the satellite connection.

The signals are transmitted at different frequencies in different countries. There are indoor and outdoor TV antennas. If you live close to a broadcast tower and indoor antenna will do. If not, installing a roof top model with help with better signal levels.

The TV has a TV aerial or antenna as we call it that receives the signals. Nowadays we have many companies that provide us with these services and also help in installing the TV and satellite connections. They provide a variety of services like

  • Aerial installation and repairs
  • multi-point distribution system
  • dish installations
  • TV wall mounting
  • Smart TV internet connections
  • Sky installations
  • Bird deterrents
  • Damage from storm and insurance
  • Demonstration of the equipments
  • CCTV systems

This is an upcoming business as everyone is interested in having a satellite connection sometimes twoor more in their homes. With the rapid increase in technology numerous products found in the market seem complicated to be fixed by oneself. Here we can take the help of these companies who give us a hassle free procedure. They are more in demand than the cable companies since the satellite connections offer clear digital signals.

It is a very profitable business. Many technicians working independently make money by the hour. One installation hardly takes an hour. The work that can be completed for a day will make you earn enough.

Tips for starting a satellite business

Prepare a business plan – Get down to the T of the business dealings. Prepare a plan on marketing strategies and all things related. Jotting down each detail will help to take decisions and be your guide. The plan should also include what type of equipment is going to be installed, how the company will work, the funds, and expansion plans. Eventually the business can grow and you can have technicians working under you. You can add additional services like CCTV systems, doorbell fixing, lighting and other electronic services as an add-on.It should be understood that the income is a steady source but will be seasonal. Hence these add-on services will keep the inflow of cash at all times.

Decide which type of business –First of all you need to decide what part of satellite business you are interested in.The two ways of satellite business one can opt for are: Individual or independently and the other is through sub contractors. In the first case you are doing it all by yourself and in the second case you will have employees along with you.

Certification–In order to start any business one has to have a license same is the case here. Firstly, you will need to get a SBCA certification and become a licensed satellite technician. The SBCA (Satellite Broadcasting & Communication Association) conducts classes for becoming a licensed technician and get the certificates.

Costing–Getting ready the finances is another step. This business has a low cost Start-up. Some places where you will need to spend money are for the certification, purchasing tools, vehicle, and other supplies. This job can be done by anyone as there is no degree or schooling required.

Insurance - Taking an insurance policy will also be required. Keep a workman’s compensation and liability insurance ready. The insurance company will need to be updated on the kind of business so that they can determine the appropriate rates.

Installation Tools–Having in hand the tools required for installation will help in the work load. Some of the tools required are a ladder, a truck or van, cable crimper, satellite signal meter, drill, digger for fence post.


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